Thato Babusi

Thato Babusi

Senior Systems Developer
(PHP | Laravel framework specialist)
I'm a Systems Developer specializing in backend development for complex scalable web apps through the use of PHP and the Laravel framework .

What I do

I am experienced in dynamic team oriented system development and maintenance, providing client focused systems support among many other facets.

I have just over 10 years working experience in the industry; having worked in and played a key role in one of South Africa's leading aviation companies that provides services to key flight schools and charter companies across the continent, followed by (bias aside) one of the best award winning media companies in the world which dealt with major house hold name brands, as well a major logistics company and leading human resource solutions companies in the country.

My passion for Information Technology comes second to none around the spectrum. Not only am I always eager to share from my experiences and learn from others, but also constantly striving to learn and expand my knowledge on various subject matter daily.

My academic background and hands-on experience make me the ideal candidate to facilitate the symbiosis of Business and Information Technology, in order to bridge the gap effectively.

I believe that I am a well grounded indivi-jewel (*sic) who posses strong work ethic coupled with the ability to grasp and adapt to new concepts and changing environments, and would prove to be an asset.

My main areas of interest are backend development in PHP and Laravel framework, however, I have my eyes and ears wide open for any challenges in the IT field that will make the best use of my existing skill set and experience as well as further my personal and professional development.

Dev Stack and Tools


  • • Plain PHP 5 - 8.1
  • • MVC
  • • OOP


  • • Laravel 5.1 - 10.x
  • • Composer
  • • Homestead
  • • TALL Stack
  • • FilamentPHP


  • • Bootstrap 3
  • • Bootstrap 4
  • • Bootstrap 5


  • • HTML 5
  • • CSS 3

jQuery & JavaScript

  • • jQuery
  • • JavaScript

Version Control

  • • GitHub
  • • Git Version Control
  • • Tortoise SVN
  • • Gitkraken


  • • Atlassian Bitbucket
  • • Atlassian Jira


  • • Trello


  • • Slack
  • • Slack Integrations

Operating Systems

  • • Ubuntu 16.04 - 20.04
  • • Windows 98 - 11
  • • iOS


  • • Adobe Creative Suite CS6